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Green Aventurine Natural Stone Chip Bracelet

Green Aventurine Natural Stone Chip Bracelet

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Green Aventurine is a crystal stone that forms in a variety of greens from the lightest of greens to dark green. This healing crystal is known as the luckiest of all healing crystals. This stone is known to bring luck in matters of manifesting wealth, competitions that need success, accumulating money, etc.

Name: Green Aventurine
Also known as The Stone of Opportunity
Befitting: Creativity, Good Luck, Opportunity
Minerals: Macrocrystalline quartz, Fuchsite mica
Chakra: Heart Chakra


  • Brings Good luck
  • Brings opportunity
  • Increases receptivity to abundance
  • Enhances creativity and motivation
  • Calms nervousness, anger, and irritation

*Since stones are natural materials and each is unique (just like you ♡) items may vary slightly in color and shape.

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